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Robertcrove [2018.02.05]

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Stephenquolf [2018.01.08]

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Bill Jones [2017.01.11]

I am researching the life of my dear friend and mentor, the great Russian
pianist, Alexander K Borovsky (1889-1968) who had a close association with
the Academy. I would appreciate any information you might offer from your
archives for my website.
Thank you. Bill Jones

JVLMA [2016.10.25]

Dear Concerned,
Thank you for posing your questions in a coherent and concise manner, we
will attempt to answer them in the same way. 1) As per competition
regulations, no more than 10 competitors in each category advance to the
second round. This implies no lower limit for the number of advancing
competitors with the aim of enabling the advancement of highly evaluated
participants regardless of their instrument. Same principle works in the
final round. 2) Regrettably, one finalist was unable to perform due to
unfortunate circumstances of which the organizers and the jury were duly
notified. This was felt as a loss by all involved parties, since the final
round is above all a celebration of fine musicianship. 3) The pause between
the announcement of results in the webpage was due to the high workload of
the competition staff during the final stages of the event. However, the
awards ceremony was available as a direct web broadcast, in which all
awards were distributed to corresponding prizewinners. Discussions on the
form of announcement of results, as well as on the other issues raised by
you have resulted in a clearer set of instructions for the competition
staff, which will be implemented during the VI International Brass
Competition in Spring 2017.

Concerned [2016.10.14]

I have been following this competition website and I'm puzzled by some of
the details. Initially there was a wide international field of contestants
with a certain emphasis on the Baltic states. This is what one would expect
in such a setting. Then in the second round one finds only five contestants
playing oboe and bassoon each, while the non-doublereed instruments are
represented with twice as many contestants in each discipline. In the
finals there are no more doublereed players. The six finalists comprise
four contestants of Baltic nationalities, three out of those from Latvia,
and two of other European states. Of the latter two one disappears
misteriously between the announcement of the finalists and the scheduling
of the final round. This final round was scheduled to begin at 7pm
yesterday. At 11.30am the next day there are still no results on this
website. Could someone please enlight me and others what is going on? Thank
you very much.

John C Carpenter [2016.02.22]

Can one still buy a chair? Yes, and Mrs. Vinklers...may have gone by a
last name beginning in L...Lejia, Lejua? She Married Ardis Vinkleram and
was at the school when Vitols was there. She taught me music by Darzins,
and later, I recorded for "Music Of Latvia," an American radio program run
by Austra Balks of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Mrs. Vinkler's daughter has gone
back to Latvia to live, many years ago now. Mr. Vinklers, who was called
Edward in America, was a set designer for Latvian plays, and sometimes had
exhibitions of his sets here in USA.

John C Carpenter [2016.02.22]

I was a student of Ida Vinklers, who graduated from Riga Conservatory. Can
you tell me who her piano teacher was?

JVLMA [2014.03.01]

Dear Karlis, we are a music education institution and do not distribute
scores of Latvian classical music, however, you might consider contacting

Karlis Jurisons [2014.03.01]

Es mekju kur var nopirkt notis Ja Media rijai. Vai varat man

JVLMA [2012.10.02]

Dear Tytti, please contact us via academy@jvlma.lv.

tytti veikkola [2012.10.01]

Moi. My name is tytti. I live currently in finland, but i hope that i could
move for example to Latvia. I have studied quite much music and my current
and newest interest is playing kantele. Do you teach at your academy
I hope that i could study at your academy. Coudl i have more information
about admissions, requirements, fees, teaching and so on?


Hello.i am a student in belarus got you adress through the internet.in fack
it was so interesting i really love to become a feature musician.i really
want to know how someone can get jazeps vitals academy of music and study
music because it has always be my dream.here is my adress?
eric.musaga@yahoo.com and my phone number.+375336473616

Dr. Kevin Helppie [2009.07.07]

Hello. I am a music professor from Western Oregon University. I will be in
Riga during the first two weeks of October. I would like to have the
opportunity to tour your music school, meet with any voice faculty and
possibly coach Latvian Art Song with a faculty member either piano or
voice. I would also be interested in presenting a short concert of American
Art Songs or could lecture on American Popular music. Dr. Kevin Helppie,
Professor of Music, Western Oregon University, helppik@wou.edu 503.838.8876

Office [2009.01.14]

Please use the e-mail address from the ''Contacts'' section on the
right. Best regards, JVLMA office.

Emma Balodis [2009.01.05]

What is JVLMA''s main e-mail address?

nino [2008.08.07]

Hello! I am looking for an imfomation about music academy(conservatoire) in
Riga, I want its e-mail addres or tell me,please how to contact the
director of studies. Please e-mail me at nino_iverieli@mail.ru. Thank you
advance for your response.