Library of JVLMA

JVLMA library was founded in 1920 - soon after Latvian Conservatoire was established. JVLMA library is the oldest music and related literature repository in Latvia, safekeeping rare manuscripts, scores, books, sound and video recordings, and periodicals. The library stock is constantly growing; significant part of it is donated by activists of Latvian culture life, foreign partners and friends of the academy. JVLMA library is a member of Latvian Academic Libraries association (LATABA) and Latvian Music Libraries association.

Scores and Books Department

Library stock holds approximately 92000 scores and 4500 books; special funds consist of research works by academic staff and students of former Latvian State Conservatoire and JVLMA. Musical scores by Latvian musicians, manuscripts, photographs and historical materials are also available. Many of these materials are considered to be of high culture historical value to the Latvian state.


­Reading Room

In year 2007 the reading room was renovated and equipped with computers. There is a free of charge information database in the reading room: encyclopaedias, dictionaries and periodicals. Reading room provides excellent environment for studies and information gathering. Free Internet access, Grove music database, digital catalogue and archive of photographs are available.


Collection of Audiovisual Recordings

Library takes pride in its unique collection of sound and audiovisual recordings. Current stock counts 54 000 audio recordings and video tapes/discs. Researchers of interpretation history are in an excellent position, since most of the musical examples are available in up to 50 different versions. In this respect the stock of JVLMA audiovisual department is the largest and the most specialised collection in Latvia. Rich selection of ballets, recital videos, documentaries about musicians and relevant subjects of music history is also available and can be viewed/listened to in the premises of audiovisual department. Information about the library stock and the digital catalogue is available in Internet.


In frames of VVBIS (United Library Information System) project the library of JVLMA is undergoing a thorough digitalisation process. Our library is used by students and staff members of JVLMA, musicians of Latvian National Opera, Latvian National Symphony Orchestra, Liepaja Symphony Orchestra, teachers and professors of other Latvian academic institutions and leaders of various musical collectives. Library funds located in the reading room are available to general public.

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