Application and Admission Procedures

Application and Admission Procedures

General Information

Admission and enrolment is organized according to the Rules of Admission Procedures, revised and re-approved each year by the Senate of JVLMA. Applicants are accepted for studies in JVLMA on the basis of entry examinations. Examination period takes place during June and July.

Upon successful completion of state accredited study programme the student receives a state recognized Higher Professional Education Diploma, Master's Diploma or Doctors Diploma; receives a Professional Bachelor's degree in Music, Music Pedagogy or Choreography and a corresponding qualification of the fifth level; Professional Master's degree in Music or Choreography; Master's degree in Arts and Humanities; Doctor of Arts scientific degree (Dr.art.).

Students wishing to apply through Socrates Erasmus exchange programme must approach their home institution, complete the Erasmus application form and sign the study contract. Students should apply until November 15 for spring semester studies or until May 15 for autumn semester studies.

Admission Process

Detailed information on entrance requirements is available below.

If the education documents of the applicant was issued abroad, a certificate from Academic Information Centre (www.aic.lv) must be added, stating the corresponding level of the document in terms of Latvian education system. All submitted documents must be in Latvian language.

Student hostel is available for the applicants at Turiba University (Graudu Street 68, Riga). Contact e-mail address: hostel@turiba.lv

JVLMA provides accompanists to applicants that require piano accompaniment for admission examinations. Please contact the Head of Accompaniment Department, professor Dace Kļava via e-mail koncertmeistari@jvlma.lv indicating your instrument or voice group.

  • JVLMA Open Doors Day is scheduled for March 20, 2019.
  • Consultations for admissions will take place on April 6, 2019. Please apply for individual consultations until March 22, 4 PM HERE.

How to Apply?

Please see information in Admission Regulations document below.  

Admission and Application Documents

1 Admission Regulations for 2019/2020 Academic Year (DOCX) (PDF)
2 Application form (DOCX)


Additional Requirements for Bachelor's Study Programmes*
1 String Instruments
2 Historic Instruments
3 Accordion
4 Jazz Music (instrumental), (vocal)
5 Organ Performance
6 Wind Instruments and Percussions
7 Piano Performance
8 Choreography
9 Composition
10 Symphony Orchestra Conducting
11 Choir Conducting
12 Vocal Music
13 Music History and Theory


Additional Requirements for Master's Study Programmes*
1 Professional Master's Study Programme "Music", Subprogramme "Conducting", Specialization "Choir Conducting"
2 Professional Master's Study Programme "Music", Subprogramme "Conducting", Specialization "Symphony Orchestra Conducting"
3 Professional Master's Study Programme "Music", Subprogramme "Composition"
4 Professional Master's Study Programme "Music", Subprogramme "String Instrument Performance"
5 Professional Master's Study Programme "Music", Subprogramme "Keyboard Instrument Performance"
6 Professional Master's Study Programme "Music and Performing Arts", Subprogramme "Music", Specialization "Instrumental Music", profile "Chamber Ensemble (with piano, accordion, harp)"
7 Professional Master's Study Programme "Music", Subprogramme "Wind / Percussion Instrument Performance"
8 Professional Master's Study Programme "Music", Subprogramme "Vocal Music", Specialization "Opera Singing"
9 Academic Master's Study Programme "Music"


Additional Requirements for Doctor's Study Programme *
1 Academic Doctor's Study Programme "Musicology"
2 Doctoral Thesis Topic Submission Form


*) Contents of additional requirements examinations may vary from year to year. Please contact Study Programmes Department for up-to-date information for your programme/specialization.

Contact information

Secretary of Admissions
Ainars Šablovskis
tel. +371 67227184

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