Student Union

Student Union of Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music

Kr. Barona 1, room 024, Rīga, LV- 1050

What is Student’s Union of JVLMA?

Student’s Union of Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music is institution of nine persons elected by student’s general meeting. It represents JVLMA student’s interests, participates in successful study process implementation and improvement as well as organizes different cultural events. Relevant Student’s Union assignment is allocation of funding for student’s professional development activities.

How the Student’s Union represents student’s interests?

The Student’s Union participates in structural units of JVLMA (The Senate, The Constitutional Assembly, The Scholarship committee, The Academic arbitration, The Ethics committee and other), Latvian Art academies association and Latvian Student association. The Student’s Union cooperates also with Student’s council of Latvian Art academy and Student’s self-government of Latvian Academy of Culture representing student’s interests in various institutions of the Republic of Latvia and organizing joint activities.

What kind of events is organized by Student’s Union?

The Student’s Union annually organized events are celebration of 1st September, Christmas and Graduation. Each year range of events is supplemented – over the years various activities have been organized: Sport’s Day, Table football tournament, congratulation on State Proclamation’s celebration, performances on Open Day and other. For several years independent jury of the Student’s Union also participates in the JVLMA competition “The best student chamber ensemble”, presenting awards to artistically remarkable ensembles.

JVLMA Student’s self-government current structure:

Anete Ašmane – The President
Artūrs Liepiņš – The Deputy Chairman
Jānis Pēlmanis – The Interior Coordinator
Elīza Sestule – The Foreign Coordinator
Santa Šillere – The Events Coordinator
Matīss Tučs – The Sports Coordinator
Jānis Rožkalns – The Public Relations Coordinator
Ieva Lapkovska
Vladislavs Skrunds

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