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General Application Requirements  

Entrance Requirements in Bachelor Programme

Necessary preconditions - secondary education confirmed by certificate of general or professional secondary education and previous musical education.

Applicants must prove their knowledge and skills in three different kind of examinations:

1 Examination in major demonstrates applicant`s professional skills. According to the requirements of each speciality applicant must perform (sing, conduct, dance, submit compositions, essays, etc.) works of different styles, genres and technical difficulty. 
2 Colloquium reveals applicant's general outlook, one`s main interests, ability to discuss cultural processes, knowledge on basic problems of music literature, theory and interpretation in the chosen field. 
3 Set of three examinations - music literature, solfeggio and music theory - reveals applicant`s theoretical grounding for studies at the Academy. The set includes written tests (music literature, aural test, harmonization of melody, etc.), practical tests (vocal sightreading, repetition of chord chains, etc.), as well as theory questions (analysis of harmony and form). 

Entrance Requirements for Master Programmes

Necessary pre-conditions - Bachelor`s degree in music/choreography, as well as successfully passed entrance examinations.
Applicants for Master`s studies must pass two entrance examinations:

1 In major applicant must perform a programme, level of which is determined by specific requirements of each speciality. Choreographers must present self-prepared choreography, musicologists must perform complex analysis of scores. 
2 Colloquium is a free-form conversation and discussion on the motivation for the selected subject of Master`s essay (subject application must be submitted together with the documents). 


Entrance Requirements for Doctoral Programme

Necessary pre-conditions - Master`s degree, musical education on at least Bachelor`s level, professional and scientific research experience in a field of music.

Applicants for Doctor's studies must pass entrance examination - colloquium in major (conversation on the selected subject of promotion work).

General Requirements, Immatriculation, Registration for Studies

All applicants must pass entrance examinations regardless of the form of studies (state budget group, self-financed studies, partially self-financed studies, et al.), previous education type (music school, music college, private studies, etc.) or nationality. Successfully passed entrance examinations are a necessary precondition for immatriculation.
Applicants are accepted for studies in state budget group in order of competition. Those who do not pass the competition but produce sufficient results in entrance examinations can apply for self-financed studies.
Entrance examinations take place annually in late June - beginning of July; immatriculation takes place in late August; registration and study agreements are signed in late August. Academic year begins on September 1.
Detailed information on necessary documents and dates of examinations can be obtained at the Study Programmes Department and are available on webpage no later than 3 months before entrance examinations.

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