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Content of Studies and Study Programmes

Professional Bachelor's Study Programmes 

Length of studies in Professional Bachelor programme is four yours (8 semesters, 240 ECTS credit points). Study programme consists of several cycles.

Part A - compulsory courses providing neccesary professional skills, practical and theoretical knowledge (corresponding to each specialization - Instrument Performance, Chamber Ensemble, Orchestra, Composition, Instrumentation, Conducting, Music History and Theory , etc.). This part includes also general humanitarian study courses providing knowledge in humanities and social sciences, developing communication ( Culture of Latvian Language, History of Religions, History of Literature, History of Arts, Philosophy, Foreign Language ).

Part B - this cycle prepares students for pedagogical activities ( Psychology, Pedagogy, Ethics, Methods, Pedagogical Practice ). This cycle provides students with rights to teach subject corresponding to one`s specialization in the system of professional music education.

Part C - elective courses - offer possibility to master various subjects corresponding to student`s individual interests: Special Computer Programmes, Electroaccoustical Music, Improvisation, Composition, Jazz, Performance of Related Instrument, Maintaining and Structure of String Instruments, Basics of Latin, etc.

Compulsory constituent part of studies is practice providing unity of theoretic knowledge and practical skills and artistic experience.

Graduation Examinations at the end of studies include concert-examination in major, colloquium in music history and theory, as well as other examinations depending on major.

Proportions of CP are different in various programmes. In study programmes Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Conducting, Choreography more CP are calculated in practical courses, but in Music History and Theory, Composition, Music Education more CP are calculated in theoretic courses.

Master's Study Programmes 

Length of studies in Master Study Programme is 2 years (four semesters, 120 ECTS CP). Structure of Master studies is similar to the one of Bachelor studies, however, content of study courses according to higher level of studies ensure optimal conditions for the development of i n d i v i d u a l creative and research ability of each Master student.

Part A courses (Music Esthetics and Philosophy; Music Psychology; Culture Sociology; Management of Cultural Projects , etc.) provide more profound knowledge in humanities, improve research skills, stimulate to master basics of higher education didactics.

Courses included in Part B provide possibility of specialization in the chosen field of music extending knowledge and skills obtained on Bachelor level and ensure mastering of the latest achievements in theory and practice of music /choreography ( Style and Interpretation; Analysis of Contemporary Music; Notation of Contemporary Music, et c.).

Elective courses of Part C offer more profound knowledge and skills in profile courses according to specialization.

Constituent part of Master studies is practice (practice of performance, scientific research, assistentship). Studies are concluded with Graduation Examinations - performance of concert programme, opera, choreographic production, public music lesson, etc., depending on specialization, as well as defence of Master`s thesis or essey.

Doctoral Studies

Length of Doctoral Study Programme is three years (six semesters, 216 ECTS CP). The focus of Doctoral studies is individual research, working out of dissertation and approbation practice of scientific research. Curriculum respects individual interests of doctoral students: in frames of contact lessons and credit points envisaged by the curriculum aspirant himself can choose specialization and profile courses according to necessities of his researchand subjects offered . Next to planned tests and examinations during his study period aspirant must pass three examinations compulsory for Dr. Art. Degree: two foreign languages and Special Literature.

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