About us

Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music/JVLMA/brings together talented students, erudite teachers, scientists and supportive employees in a dynamic and highly innovative environment, where creative energy and the spirit of experiment abound. Each second signals a targeted performance by young music professionals focused on achieving an increasingly high-quality result.

Today, more than 600 students from Latvia and abroad are studying in the Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate programmes of the Music Academy. The main activities of JVLMA are the performing arts, pedagogy, sound engineering, musicology and research.
On the one hand, the values of the university are rooted in the established traditions of its predecessors, particularly its first rector, Jāzeps Vītols. On the other hand, the outlook is focused on future developments as the academy's main mission is to identify new and enthusiastic talents, helping them to grow and flourish.

Students who later become graduates and JVLMA teaching staff bear the name of Latvia throughout the world, participating in international competitions, working with guest artists from different countries and performing on the largest musical stages in many parts of the world. The professors and lecturers of JVLMA are professionals of authority and industry, whose selfless contribution to everyday teaching are what make the high quality standards of JVLMA possible.