Application and Admissions

Applications and Admissions 2022/2023

Please note that only those interested who did not participate in the JVLMA admission process in July of this year can register for additional admission.

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Applications for studies with tuition fee are open for all study programmes specified in the admission regulations. Applications for state-budget funded studies are available for citizens of European Union countries and their family members, citizens of European Economic Area countries and their family members, individuals who have the status of Permanent Resident of European Community, as well as citizens of Swiss Confederation.

Admission regulations for Academic Year 2022/2023

Admission content for Academic Year 2022/2023

  • Admission content for first level professional higher education study programme "Teacher of music, dance, art professional orientation and interest education" and professional bachelor's study programme "Music, drama, dance, visual arts teacher". (Read more)
  • Admission content for professional bachelor's study programmes.
  • Admission content for master's study programmes.
  • Admission content for academic doctor's study programme and Doctoral Thesis Topic Submission Form.

  • Admission content for professional doctor's study programme.

Additional information

  • All applicants must pass entrance examinations regardless of the form of studies (state budget group, self-financed studies, partially self-financed studies, et al.), previous education type (music school, music college, private studies, etc.) or nationality. Successfully passed entrance examinations are a necessary precondition for immatriculation.
  • Applicants are accepted for studies in state budget group in order of competition. Those who do not pass the competition but produce sufficient results in entrance examinations can apply for self-financed studies.
  • Entrance examinations take place annually in late June - beginning of July; immatriculation takes place in late August; registration and study agreements are signed in late August. Academic year begins on September 1.
  • JVLMA does not provide accomodation. Collaboration exists with the Riga Stradiņš University hostel on Hipokrāta Iela 3, where accomodation for JVLMA students may be available upon their requests.
  • JVLMA provides accompanists for applicants that require piano accompaniments for the admission examinations. Please contact Head of the Accompaniment Department, Lecturer Sanita Glazenburga until June 23, 2022 via e-mail - indicating your instrument or voice group. Belated requests for accompanists' services shall not be processed.
  • Important note: if the education documents of the applicant were issued abroad, a certificate from the Academic Information Centre must be added, stating the corresponding level of the document in terms of the Latvian education system. All submitted documents must be in the Latvian language.