Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music in the 2023/2024 academic year seven study programmes will be implemented in two study fields at four different levels of higher education.

1) Study field "Arts" – 5 study programmes at three different levels:
- professional bachelor’s study programme "Music and performing arts" (42212);
- professional master's study programme "Music and performing arts" (47212);
- academic master's study programme "Musicology" (45212);
- academic doctoral study programme "Musicology" (52212);
- joint professional doctoral study programme "Arts" (51211).

2) Study field "Education and pedagogy" – two study programmes at two different levels:
- short-cycle professional higher education study programme "Music, dance, arts
professional orientation and interest education teacher" (41141);
- the professional bachelor’s study programme "Music, theatre arts, dance, visual arts
teacher" (42141).

Below you can see the areas that can be studied in the aforementioned study programmes, their sub-programmes and specializations.
Study course list of JVLMA subprograms and specializations (in the development process)