Teacher in dance and culture studies

JVLMA offers the only professional bachelor's studies programme in Latvia, which prepares dance and rhythm teachers for pre-school education institutions, general education schools for interest-related education, cultural education institutions and private dance schools or studies. In this department, students acquire knowledge in pedagogy, psychology, rhythm, dance compositions and dance art genres - classical dance, Latvian, children, modern, jazz, historical and foreign dance. It is also important to understand the arts underlying dance: music theory, acting, costume history, and others. During their studies, the skills acquired to use in their professional activities are developed by understanding educational and cultural processes.

On graduating from study programme Dance and Rhythm Teacher, young professionals have the opportunity to become dance group leaders, assistant leaders, choreographers, principal conductors of district collectives, heads of methodological associations, creators of the repertoire for the Nationwide Song and Dance Celebration and the School and Youth Song and Dance Celebration, managers of their own dance studios and teachers.


The JVLMA’s professional bachelor’s study programme for Dance and Rhythm Teacher has been implemented since 1996. Its most notable graduates include Iluta Mistre, indra Ozoliņa, Jānis Marcinkevičs, Taiga Ludborža, Inga Pulmane, Aija Daugele, Ineta Indriksone, Aija Konstante, Aija Ērgle, Mārtiņš Pēdājs and others.

Degree and qualification

Upon successful graduation of a Bachelor’s study programme a Professional Bachelor's degree in Music, Choreography or Musical Pedagogy (in programmes General Education Music Teacher, Professional Music Subject Teacher) is conferred upon a student, together with the fifth level professional qualification according to the specialisation (pianist, violinist, choral conductor, composer, musicologist, choreographer etc.).

The integral curriculum of the Bachelor's studies, which in addition to academic and professional training courses also include the courses required for teaching, provides all graduates the corresponding pedagogical qualification (teacher of piano playing, violin playing, choral conducting, music theory, dance, etc.). Considering the requirements of
today's labour market, a number of study programmes allow students the option to obtain the right to work in a music school as a teacher of a different subject (to teach piano playing, music theory, a related wind instrument, etc.) as an elective course.

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