6th International Riga Woodwind Symposium

Masterclasses, individual lessons, ensemble lessons, warm-up, four concert programmes in Riga and Cesis and so much more in VI International JVLMA Wood Symposium.

Special guests:

  • Steinar Hannevold /oboe, Bergen/;
  • Björn Nyman /clarinet, Oslo/;
  • David Petersen /fagots, Rostock/;
  • Christina Fassbender /flauta, Berlin/;
  • Lars Niederstrasser /saxophone, Hague/;
  • B3 - Bergen Treblåsensemble - Bergen Woodwind Ensemble.

Everyone is invited to concerts:

  • October 3rd - concert of symposium participants and guests in Alfrēds Kalniņš Cēsis Music Secondary school;
  • October 4th at 6 PM - concert of symposium guests at JVLMA LMT hall;
  • October 5th at 6 PM - the Final concert of the symposium at JVLMA Great hall;
  • October 6th - B3 - Bergen Treblåsensemble - Bergen Woodwind Ensemble concert at Rīga Mārtiņa draudze.

Supported by VKKF and Erasmus+ LATVIA.

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