Further Education

JVLMA Further Education Department offers the following courses:

  • praparatory courses for admissions to JVLMA professional bachelor's study programmes;
  • interest-related education courses, individually tailored for development of professional skills and competencies.
Preparatory Courses for Admission to JVLMA

The JVLMA Further Education Department offers preparatory courses for JVLMA admission examinations, training attendees in all aspects of the admission examinations:

  • Music Theory / Ear Training
  • Latvian Language (introduction)
  • English Language (intensive)
  • Instrument / Vocal Performance
  • Instrument / Vocal Performance History

The attendance fee for courses taking place in 2021 will be calculated depending on the choices made.
The course duration is 3 months.

The attendance of preparatory courses does not guarantee admission to JVLMA study programmes. The preparatory courses end with examinations equivalent to the JVLMA admission examinations, upon successful passing of which the attendees are admitted to JVLMA. The content of the admission examination requirements is available here.

Regardless of examination results, all attendees of the preparatory courses receive a Certificate of Attendance.



Interest-Related Education Courses

The JVLMA Further Education Department provides individual courses for a fee, based on person's individual areas of interest - music (singing, instrument playing, music theory, etc.) and dance, subject to availability of academic staff and equipment.

At the end of the course, the attendee receives a Certificate of Attendance of Interest-Related Education Course.