Professional Doctoral Studies

Joint Professional Doctoral Study Programme in Arts “ART”

The Joint Professional Doctoral Study Programme in Arts was created in co-operation among the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music (hereinafter — JVLMA), the Art Academy of Latvia (hereinafter — LMA), and the Latvian Academy of Culture (hereinafter — LKA). 

Since 2021 the following sub-programmes are provided: 
1) Sub-programme “Music and Performing Arts” implemented by JVLMA (code 51212) – areas of artistic activities: Music, Choreography; 
2) Sub-programme “Visual Arts and Design” implemented by LMA (code 5121 1/4) – areas of artistic activities: Visual Arts, Audiovisual and Media Arts, Design; 
3) Sub-programme “Audiovisual Arts, Theatre and Contemporary Dance” implemented by LKA (code 51213) – areas of artistic activities: Audiovisual Arts, Theatre Arts, Contemporary Dance Arts. 

The strategic objective of the study programme is to organise professional studies meeting cultural, public and societal needs, based in artistic creativity and science, as well as applicable in artistic practice, as a result of which skills of creating highly valuable art works based on scientific research are acquired and practical skills in the implementation of unique artistic ideas are developed. The concept of a professional doctorate in art includes art-based research. Artwork and art-based research are unified and equally essential components of the doctoral thesis.

Upon completion of the Joint Professional Doctoral Study programme in Arts, the doctoral student is able to prove that they know and understand the most relevant scientific theories and concepts, are proficient in research methodology and contemporary research methods in the relevant sector of art or culture and at the intersection between various spheres, as well as can independently enhance artistically high-value practical skills in the implementation of unique international level ideas and artistic creativity.

The duration of study programme is 3 years, its amount is LV 132/ ECTS 198 credits. After completing the studies and artistic creative work, as well as developing and defending the doctor's theoretical research in state examinations, the professional doctoral degree in arts is awarded.

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