Student Union

The JVLMA’s Student Union represents the Music Academy students’ interests, participating in the implementation and improvement of the study process.

Its task is to participate in the work of JVLMA departments, including the Senate, Constitution, Scholarship Committee, Academy’s Arbitration Court, Audit Committee, Ethics Committee, etc., the Latvian Association of Students and the Latvian Association of Art Universities, as well as deciding on funding for student creative trips and organising a variety of events at the Music Academy.



Self-governance structure of students

Nine student representatives shall take part in the self-government of students. The following posts shall be elected at the first sitting of the self-government by means of an open vote:

  • Chair - organises the work of the self-government and represents it in JVLMA and other organisations;
  • Deputy Chair - assists the Chair in organising the work of the self-government and, if necessary, deputises for the Chair;
  • Internal Affairs Coordinator - communicates with JVLMA students, identifying current challenges and the necessary improvements;
  • External Affairs Coordinator - establishes cooperation with the self-governments of other universities;
  • Events Coordinator - ensures the organisation and implementation of the self-government’s events;
  • Secretary – ensures the administration of the self-government.
Organised events

The JVLMA’s Student Union organises the annual 1st September celebrations,  JVLMA birthdays and the JVLMA graduation ball. Four times in the academic year it also assesses the financial allocation for the creative trips of JVLMA students. 

Over several years, the Independent Panel of the students’ self-government also participates in the judging of the JVLMA competition “Best student chamber ensemble”, handing out its awards, as well as regularly representing the Music Academy at presentation events organised thereby in Latvian professional music secondary schools.