JVLMA students, teachers and staff can take part in the European Lifelong Learning Programme Erasmus+.

Students are eligible to participate in the Erasmus+ programme in every study cycle (Bachelor, Master, Doctoral) from 3 months (2 months Traineeship) up to 12 months. Students going for Traineeship can use the Erasmus+ grant throughout one year after graduation. Erasmus+ Traineeship may be carried out at any public or private institution, professional activities of which correspond to your speciality (i.e. schools and academies, orchestras, ensembles, opera houses, recording or marketing companies, museums, culture and information centres, mass media etc.).

Teachers and staff can use the teaching and training mobility to share knowledge and raise qualification. The call for teachers and staff applications is announced one month before the beginning of the study year, the deadline is the 10th of September every study year.

JVLMA has Inter-Institutional Agreements with more than 100 European partner Institutions, Belarus State Academy of Music in Minsk, Tbilisi State Conservatory, Georgia, and University of Nebraska, Omaha, USA.

JVLMA Erasmus+ code LV RIGA05
JVLMA PIC code 949630874
JVLMA OID code E10105971

Erasmus+ Charter
Erasmus Policy Statement