Decision-making bodies

Constitutional Assembly

The Constitutional Assembly is the highest representative and management body and decision-making body of the JVLMA staff in academic and scientific matters. Its tasks are:

  • to adopt and make amendments to the Academy’s Constitution;
  • appoint and dismiss the Rector;
  • to hear and evaluate the Rector’s report;
  • to elect the Senate and Academy’s Arbitration Court and dismiss its members;
  • to approve the bylaws of the Constitutional meetings, the Senate, the Audit Committee, the Academy’s Arbitration Court and Rector’s election;
  • to hear and evaluate the Senate’s report, take decisions regarding the operation thereof;
  • to review and decide on conceptual matters of the Academy’s activities and development.

The Senate is a collegial management authority of the JVLMA staff, which draws up and approves procedures and rules for all areas of the College, participates in the implementation of the strategic objectives of action approved by the Constitutional Assembly, as well as other functions. Its tasks are:

  • to take decisions on major issues of academic, scientific and artistic activity;
  • to review and approve study programmes and their self-assessment reports;
  • to approve all laws, regulations and other documents governing the activities of the College, except those which fall within the competence of the Constitutional Assembly;
  • to establish and dissolve departments;
  • to establish the principles for the payment of the College's financial structure and academic staff;
  • to hear and evaluate the Rector's annual report on the implementation of the budget;
  • to set up committees and boards to deal with individual issues;
  • to propose the establishment of the Academy’s Council Convention.
Academy’s Arbitration Court

The Academy’s Arbitration Court shall be the JVLMA’s decision-making body responsible for examining:

  • the submissions of academic staff and students regarding restrictions on academic rights specified in the Constitution of the JVLMA;
  • requests by the staff of the JVLMA regarding the contesting of the administrative acts issued or actual action by the institution of higher education;
  • disputes between JVLMA officials and the administrative bodies of the departments subject thereto;
  • submissions regarding the contesting of an administrative act or actual action in the cases specified in the Constitution of the JVLMA and other laws and regulations, adopting the relevant decisions.
Board of Professors


1. Chair, professor Anda Beitāne
2. Professor Guntars Prānis
3. Professor Arigo Štrāls
4. Professor Selga Mence
5. Professor Aira Briziņa
6. Professor Sergejs Osokins
7. Director of the LNOB Orchestra Miks Vilsons
8. The State Choir Latvija director Māris Ošlejs
9. Musica Baltica founder and director Solvita Sējāne