Masterclasses with saxophonist and composer André Vida

JVLMA LMT Chamber Hall

Masterclasses with saxophonist and composer André Vida  /ASV/

October 2 at 12.00 in the JVLMA LMT Chamber Hall

Andre Vida (1974) is a Hungarian American saxophonist, composer, and lyricist living in Berlin. Vida has been at the forefront of several major developments in experimental music, including his membership in Anthony Braxton’s original Ghost Trance Ensemble, his world record 403 performances at the Serpentine Gallery responding to Anri Sala's film Long Sorrow, performances with The Tower Recordings, and his extensive collaborations electronic music visionaries Jamie Lidell, Tim Exile, Kevin Blechdom, and Rashad Becker.

In collaboration with festival "Skaņu mežs"

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