The European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO) auditions 2020

Due to complications with Covid-19, the EUYO are changing the process for the autumn 2020 auditions.

Live feedback session for every candidate!

EUYO auditions for 2021 only will be different and all-digital. 2020 members will be invited to return in 2021, which leaves a limited number of places available. If you are between 16 and 26 on 31 Dec 2020 and currently hold an EU passport, you could be joining us in 2021 on our spring and summer tours in Ferrara, Grafenegg & Bolzano; Ferrara Chamber Academy; the Orchesra in Citta project and Europe Day events. 

First round:
Video audition judged by specialists for each instrument
Second round:
Online live one-to-one session with EUYO panel
Didn't make it to the second round?
Still receive a live, online, personal one-to-one feedback session by an EUYO Alumni Tutor

All information here. 

Full details at:

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