24 new compositions for various orchestras and chamber ensembles are being composed

JVLMA is implementing a valuable project necessary for the new generation of musicians - a number of new works by Latvian composers are being created to supplement the technical skills of young professionals and promote the understanding of contemporary music.

Within the framework of this unique project, 24 compositions will have been created by the beginning of 2021. Music for various orchestral ensembles is composed by Georgs Pelēcis, Ilona Breģe, Andris Vecumnieks and Leonīds Lobrevs, for the big band Dāvis Jurka, while the repertoire of various chamber music ensembles is supplemented by Selga Mence, Anna Veismane, Dzintra Gedroica, Skuķe, Indra Riše, Madara Pētersone, Oskars Herliņš, Vineta Līce, Armands Skuķis, Renāte Stivriņa, Andrejs Jansons, Sabīne Ķezbere, Asia Ahmetjanova, Aleksejs Peguševs and Māris Lasmanis.

Within the framework of the project supported by the State Cultural Capital Fund, composers can largely realize their artistic ambitions, as the works are written for already technically well-prepared performers, while young musicians have the opportunity to significantly expand their understanding of contemporary music performance by collaborating with authors.

The project is created in cooperation with the Latvian Composers' Union and the publishing house "Musica Baltica". In 2021, 24 new works will be waiting for their premiere, after which they will be delivered to the National Library of Latvia and added to the collection of musical scores of Latvian music high schools.

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