New LoLa (low latency) technology in use

First test of LoLa technology acquired for the NORDOPERA network “Covid funding” - Nordopera audion carousel: Kristīne Gailīte listens and comments on the performance of Sibelius Academy Opera studio master students` performance.

To be continued on October 15 when 6 of our singers - Kitija Mināte, Jana Lute, Althea Troisi, Daniils Kuzmins, Andris Kipļuks and Vitālijs Stankevičs will sing in front of the camera to show off their voices and artistic qualities to the versatile conductor and contemporary opera expert, professor Markus Lehtinen from Sibelius Academy.

But the real trial LoLa will experience on October 13 – in honour of the 30th anniversary of LITNET in Vilnius a short concert from 3 LoLa sites – Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music and Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre willl take place.

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