On Continuation of JVLMA Activities During the State of Emergency

To adhere to the 12.03.2020 decree of the Cabinet of Ministers On Declaring State of Emergency, JVLMA introduces the following regulations to administrative and academic staff, and students from March 13 to April 14 or until further notice:

1. To cancel and cease during the indicated time period all contact lessons, lectures and seminars (including individual and group contact lessons);

2. To cancel and cease during the indicated time period all public events;

3. To ensure the process of academic studies at JVLMA through distance-learning, e-studies, Skype, e-mail:

  • in case distance-learning is not feasible, director of the tutor’s respective department must be notified;
  • tutors may inquire individually on solutions and technologies enabling distance-learning with the officers of IT Department via e-mail or phone 29293960. 

4. Individuals that are not members of administrative or academic staff, or student body, are banned from entering JVLMA premises.

5. On documents and applications related to JVLMA activities:

  • staff members may submit documents digitally through DVS system or from their @jvlma.lv e-mail address to ;
  • students may submit documents digitally from their @jvlma.lv address to ;
  • decrees prepared by the Human Resources Department as well as the approval for compulsory documents may be obtained digitally via e-mail. 

6. On information exchange related to risks of contracting the disease:

  • It is compulsory to inform JVLMA (students send information from their @jvlma.lv e-mail address to , staff members send information from their @jvlma.lv e-mail address to ), if: (a) staff member or student plans to leave or enter Latvia; (b)staff member or student tests positive for COVID-19.
  • On regular basis (no less than once per day) staff members and students must check for the latest available information on JVLMA webpage and in JVLMA e-mail inboxes.
  • Academic staff members that have information on trips of their students outside Latvia must provide information on such trips via e-mail to  .
  • Head of Human Resources Anita Grasmane and Secretary of the Department of Studies Diāna Avota shall immediately upon receiving such information update the JVLMA Risk Persons Group. The information on the Risk Persons Group shall be available to the Rectorate, Department of Studies, daytime and night time dispatchers. The information shall include staff member’s or student’s name, surname, phone numbers, e-mail address, period of travel, destination and transit countries (if applicable).

7. JVLMA staff and students are responsible for adhering to the guidelines available on the webpage of The Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

8. JVLMA staff and students must immediately notify Rector or Deputy-Rector of JVLMA on any and all cases where academic or administrative staff member, or student breeches the regulations outlined in this document.

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