Boļeslavs Voļaks

Emeritus professor

Plays the Principal Trombone in the Latvian National Symphony orchestra since 1974.
Learned the trombone and baritone play in professional orchestras of the Soviet Army in Daugavpils and Ryazan from the age of 15. In 1966 he has entered the J. Vitols Latvian Conservatory, graduated in 1971. B. Voļaks started his professional career of the musician already during the studies, working as the Principal Trombone of the orchestra of the Latvian National Opera. He has perfected his skills and artistry taking postgraduate programme in Moscow’s States Conservatory from 1972 to 1975. B. Volaks is an assistant professor in J. Vitols Latvian Academy of Music since 1980, from 1988 he teaches in E. Darzins Music school as well. B.Voļaks has made a good deal of recordings in Latvian Radio, but in 1990 he released his own record. He works on the creation of repertoire for the youth Brass ensemble that he established himself on the basis of E. Darzins Music school resources in 1999
Along with the music, but at the closely related to it, B. Voļaks is keen on scientific activities. Approximately fifteen years have been spent on work that is still waiting for its implementation, featuring the new concept of physiology of the breathing. B. Voļaks works on the creation of Latvian trombone school too. He has created the training programme for the althorn and still is in working process on the programme for tenor and trombone.