Valdis Bernhofs

Professor, Department of Musicology

Valdis Bernhofs is professor for systematic musicology at the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music (Riga, Latvia). He completed his first MA in Choir Conducting at the Music academy in Riga (1992). In 2006, he completed an MA in Music therapy at the University of Applied Sciences in Heidelberg. He received his PhD in systematic musicology (music psychology) in 2013, and his PhD research focused on aural attention abilities and the possibilities of its development. His academic interests are in the areas of neurocognitive aspects of musical learning, musical abilities, and ear training. Since 2014 he is involved in the international team work Music and Brain (University of Heidelberg) to investigate the anatomical and functional features of the auditory cortex by musicians and non-musicians.
Valdis Bernhofs is also practicing as ear training teacher for musicians. He is author of modules for Ear training and Cognitive ear training on further education programme for teachers in Latvia. Valdis is the author of various curriculars, and methodical materials in music theory. He developed the digital aural training program AuTra based on pitch and rhythm parameters, also the training program AuTra2 for scale, interval and chord perception training. Since 2016 he is a head of the music theory class at the Latvian Academy of Music

Recent and forthcoming publications:

Misjudgement of One’s Own Performance? Exploring Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder (ADHD) and Individual Difference in Complex Music and Foreign Language Perception
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
2023-09    | journal-article, DOI: 10.3390/ijerph20196841, Source: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute

Assessment of Different Feature Extraction Methods for Discriminating Expressed Emotions during Music Performance towards BCMI Application 
2023-02    | journal-article, DOI: 10.3390/s23042252, Source: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute

What Makes a Foreign Language Intelligible? An Examination of the Impact of Musical Ability and Individual Differences on Language Perception and How Intelligible Foreign Languages Appear
 Journal of Intelligence
2023-02    | journal-article, DOI:10.3390/jintelligence11030043, 
Source: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute 
Examining Individual Differences in Singing, Musical and Tone Language Ability in Adolescents and Young Adults with Dyslexia
Brain Sciences
2022-06    | journal-article,DOI:10.3390/brainsci12060744,
Source: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute


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