Changes in JVLMA study process

Despite the state of emergency declared in the country, we believe that it is important to provide face-to-face practical classes. 

From November 10 to December 6:

  • Practical classes - individual lessons, tests in the specialty, ensembles / combos, dance classes may be organized in person, with no more than six people (incl. student, teacher, accompanist/accompanists) staying in the room at the same time. All other group classes and lectures must be held remotely.
  • For booking individual lessons, choreographers and ensembles up to 6 persons the JVLMA premises contact the study work planner Anastasija Gridjuško.
  • For booking individual and ensemble / combo classes and tests, which are planned in the Great Hall, Stone Hall, LMT Chamber Hall or Organ Hall contact the Head of the Concert Department Jana Lāce.

As the epidemiological situation in the country is changing rapidly, we are ready to assess potential risks on a daily basis and find appropriate solutions in the JVLMA's future action plan.

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