Distance Learning Process at the JVLMA

Until April 14, JVLMA provides distance learning.

A study course "Distance Learning Process" has been created in the official JVLMA e-studies environment to provide up-to-date information to our faculty members and students on procedures, issues and solutions related to the activities of JVLMA, including:

  • study process;
  • distance learning tools for groups and one-to-one sessions;
  • documentation issues;
  • ASIMUT system operations.

Please use the "Forum" section of this course to submit additional inquiries.

The course is available for all JVLMA users here: https://estudijas.jvlma.lv/course/view.php?id=154  

Please monitor JVLMA e-studies environment, JVLMA E-mail inbox and ASIMUT for daily updates! 

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