Latvian Radio Choir concert “A-Ronne” will be performed within the framework of JVLMA Contemporary Music Festival “deciBels”

Within the framework of the JVLMA Contemporary Music Festival “deciBels” on Friday, March 12 at 19.00 Latvian Radio Choir and conductor Kaspars Putniņš will perform in the online concert "A-Ronne".

At the heart of the concert is a piece by the same name by Luciano Berio, a 20th century modernist, Italian avant-garde, sophisticated intellectual and enjoyer of life. It will be complemented by premieres of compositions by new Latvian composers - "fff" by Evija Skuķe, "Ievainotais putns" by Agita Reķe and "ars magna" by Alise Rancāne. They have created compositions knowing that they will be played in the same program as Berio's "A-ronne", and are building closer or further bridges to this masterpiece. The concert will be offered to listeners free of charge.

The sound director of the concert is Normunds Slava, the video director is Gints Fahrenhorst.

The concert takes place in cooperation with VSIA "Latvijas Koncerti", thanks to the support of the State Cultural Capital Fund.

Project partner - HDPD Productions & Dreams

The Cultural Information Systems Center ensures the preservation of the concert record within the ERDF project “Digitization of Cultural Heritage Content (Round 1)”.

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