Workshop: Bending Space

Bending Space is a lecture and workshop based on my ideas, concepts and techniques from my artistic and compositional practice working with spatial audio.

For the last 15 years or so I have been more or less exclusively working with spatial sound, mostly ambisonics but also composed for various other techniques, from Wave Field Synthesis, VBAP to channel-based techniques.
This combined with my interest in mapping, sonification and sound transformation has led me to create and explore artistic and esoteric techniques for «bending» ambisonics and other spatial audio formats where the focus is on, thinking outside the box and creating a direct relationship to shaping the material and bending the sounding space
In the workshop, we will both individually and together explore some of these techniques where the goal is for the participants to explore, use and adapt the techniques to their own, use in their own artistic practice.
Whether you're a composer, artist, musician, sound engineer, or simply curious, this workshop aims to expand your horizons and hopefully reshape your perception of working with spatial sound.

Some basic knowledge of ambisonic and other spatial audio techniques and basic knowledge of programming in PD or Max is beneficial but not mandatory.

The participants must bring their own laptop and their own headset, software will be provided.

Workshop "Bending Space" by Anders Tveit (NO) is part of Envelope – an immersive sound festival happening from September 09 till October 23, 2023 as an event series across the Nordic – Baltic region in person and online. Festival hosts spatial music concerts, sound art installations, seminars and workshops by Nordic-Baltic artists. It is a creative collaboration between organizations and artists from Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania to explore the future of audio technologies. Read more HERE.

Anders Tveit (b.1977) is a composer and musician working with electroacoustic composition, free improvisation and sound installations. Where the use of self-developed software for real-time processing and spatial sound has a central role in his musical expression.

“In my work, I am constantly interested in working with new approaches to the use of new technology, both in the composition process and in the performance. Something that for me, creates holistic thinking around the work and the artistic result. This often means that I like to work in such a way that the differences between developer, performer and composer are blurred, which I find interesting, challenging and exciting.”

He has composed multichannel electro-acoustic music works and sound installations featured and performed at Ultima Contemporary Music Festival, GRM-Paris, Only Connect Festival, ZKM-Karlsruhe, NIME, CCRMA-Stanford, KlangFest - Liechtenstein, Lydgalleriet, Sound/Image, London, Jauna Muzika-Lithuania, decibel Festival-Riga, Henie Onstad Art Center, Kunstnerenes Hus, Echochroma -Leeds, SoddJazz Festival, Aparte Festival for Experimental Arts and more.

As a musician, he has collaborated with a range of different musicians,artists and ensembles such as Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, Ingrid Laubrock/Cory Smythe, Shannon Mowday, Jon Balke, Audun Kleive, Electric Audio Unit (Barrett/Tveit/Vinjar) Parallax ensemble, Pd conception trio to more ad-hoc improvisation constellations.

Tveit is also active as a lecturer and he held lectures, workshops and presentations at Creative Coding Lab Huddersfield, New York University,Princeton University, Oberlin Conservatory of Music, IMMEDIA Lithuania, Composing with Sound European Union Creative projects, Kristiana Kreative Fagskole, University of Oslo Department of Musicology and many more.

He is an associate professor at the Norwegian Academy of Music Department of Composition, Music Technology and Music Theory. Read more HERE.

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