JVLMA provides the opportunity to learn keyboard performance in a variety of specialisations - piano performance, organ performance and accordion performance. 

The purpose of the specialisations is to ensure the training of top-level professional musicians –performing artists who have acquired professional knowledge rooted in the theoretical foundations of music sciences, who meet the standards of the musician profession and who are able to compete in the professional environment of musicians in Latvia and abroad.

Regular concert practice is considered to be a particularly important element of study programmes. Students take an active part in various practice concerts at the JVLMA Great Hall, Organ Hall, in Latvian concert halls and churches (Church of Jesus, Riga;  St.John’s Church; St. Saviour’s Church (Anglican), Old St. Gertrude’s Church), also at the University of Latvia and Riga Dome Cathedral. Good cooperation in the organisation of concerts has also been established with many other Latvian churches in the regions – Cesis, Jelgava, Kuldiga, Kandava, Ventspils, etc.
In the area of master classes, extensive cooperation has been developed with a number of European universities. Student ERASMUS exchange trips are also available and used very actively by students of all specialisations. As part of the study process, various internal competitions are organised for students, including the YAMAHA scholarship, the chance to perform with the JVLMA Symphony Orchestra, as well as to represent the JVLMA at events both in Latvia and beyond.

All lecturers are active in a variety of areas related to their professional development and upholding of their qualifications, in which the skills and knowledge acquired in creative and scientific projects may be applied.

Degree and qualification

Upon successful graduation of a Bachelor’s study programme "Music and Performing Arts" a Professional Bachelor's degree in Music is conferred upon a student, together with the sixth level professional qualification.

The integral curriculum of the Bachelor's studies, which in addition to academic and professional training courses also include the courses required for teaching, provides all graduates the corresponding pedagogical qualification (teacher of piano playing, violin playing, choral conducting, music theory, dance, etc.). Considering the requirements of
today's labour market, a number of study programmes allow students the option to obtain the right to work in a music school as a teacher of a different subject (to teach piano playing, music theory, a related wind instrument, etc.) as an elective course.

Upon completion of a Professional Master's degree programme a graduate is granted a Master's degree in Music or Choreography. Upon successful graduation from the Academic Master's degree programme, a Master of Arts degree in Humanities is conferred.

At the end of academic doctorate studies, students receive a statement regarding the acquisition of a doctorate study programme and, after successfully defending the promotional work, obtains a doctoral diploma and a degree of Doctor of Arts (Dr. Art.).

Academic Staff


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